1. Payment verification has been done by my bank or PayPal already, is it necessary for Sammydress to verify the payment again?

When you pay us, the payment from your credit card, bank card or PayPal account is  processed by a third party (e.g. PayPal, GC or other payment companies) instead of Sammydress. Therefore we have not seen any of your financial details or your credit card details. 
This is why we have to confirm whether the payment was authorized by the payment account holder or not. To protect everyone against unauthorized online payments, we have to complete these ID verification's with our customers randomly.


2. What should I do to pass Sammydress payment verification?

Please provide the following:(The copies should be clear , in color and with a size no more than 2 MB.)
The payers credit card and ID proof (Alternatives can be National Identity Card, Drivers License, Passport or a recent utility bill).

Credit Card

Driver License

*For you privacy, please hide sensitive data such as ID/Passport/Driving license number, and date of birth etc.


3. Why not do this verification before my payment has been done?

Please note that payment safety and security can only be assessed after we receive your payment information.


4. How can I be sure of your honesty in the treatment of my data?

Sammydress is a registered company that has been operating for several years. We are here to work with you in the long term. What’s more, we are certified as "McAfee Secured" as you can see on our home page.


5. Here are some suggestions to protect your financial account.

- Choose a good password
–Do not use data that other people know, such as birthdays or pets' names. Make passwords as long and complex as you can, ideally mixing up letters, numbers and symbols.
- Please DO NOT use public WIFI or a VPN when shopping online especially during the payment process.
- Please clear your browsers cookies on a regular basis.


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