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Is great nail dryer and not expansive at all! is perfect for girls who love nails i recommend :)

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  • By Susie

    4 Pretty Good

    We ordered this because we love gel nails. Who doesn't? It works pretty well. We did have to order a plug so it is able to connect to our outlets. That's alright, it was relatively inexpensive. When plugging it in, it needs to be at a certain angle or it won't turn on. Okay, little odd but just don't touch it and everything will be alright. Went to the store and had to really look for gels that need the light. ... After all that, we finally got it all up and running and it works pretty well. Not a lot of problems in the long run. Cheaper and you can really do whatever you want to with it.

  • By Gitte

    5 This is amazing

    I have wanted an UV-lamp for a long time, but they were so expensive. When I found this one, and at an affordable price, I was not sure if it would be any good. It works fine, and I now have a lovely gel-lak on my fingernails.
    I highly recommend this UV-lamp, and I am sure everyone buying this, will be as pleased with it as I am.

  • By Wen

    5 Nice polish.

    This is nice polish. The color in bottle is a little softer than in the picture. It's a very soft pink.

  • By Terri Semones

    5 nail lamp

    good quality i havent had a chance to use it yet but it looks like it will do fine

  • By rina

    5 Gel curing UV Lamp

    The UV lamp works very well. Would recommend :)

  • By Barbara

    5 gel curing lamp

    This machine works good just like the one at the nail shop

  • By   miabella

    4 works well

    I didn't realize it didn't have an american plug so i had to get an adapter but it worked very well

  • By Quynh Anh

    4 Work well

    The light is a bit annoying (sure it's UV) but it works well

  • By Betty jo brumfield

    5 Ms

    Love the light ! Would recommend to anyone

  • By   Sweet Kei

    5 heat lamp

    My friend so love her new toy when it comes to doing nails

  • By jess  

    5 amazing

    it dries my nails really fast! works well

  • By   oksana

    4 nail drying set

    its handy because if u use this product then you're nail polish would last for ages and ages and ages and I really like getting my nails done so its good that you can use that product and it would last a long time instead of a day or 2 days

  • By Mary

    4 It works

    It looks just like the picture. But, when I received the UV Lamp, a part that holds the lightbulb up was broken. the light still stayed in place and worked just fine. It takes a little longer to dry the Gel polish, but does what it needs to do.

  • By Grace

    5 Great shape

    It came in a great shape, and it works perfect, thank you.

  • By   gir

    5 dry

    drying gell nails this is perfect for it you will love it

  • By   corina

    5 bella

    Un ogggetto che volevo da tanto tempo!

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