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Weight:98 Height:5' 4" Bust size:34A Body Shape:Lean Column


I am so glad I ordered this lemon pattern single-breasted pleated zipper design dress because this is totally perfect for my upcoming out of town trip on the countryside. Gosh! It looks very refreshing, isn't it? This dress is available in three (3) colors but I chose blue; the contrast looks great. The material is a bit thick in person which is an advantage because this one doesn't have a lining at the bottom but only the top. Well, I think it really doesn't need a lining since it is material is not sheer or chiffon. It has a long concealed zipper at the back and it also has a concealed zipper at the side for easy wearing. The buttons at the front are just a design; it's fixed. Overall, I am satisfied with this and I think there's an additional piece to get overused. :)

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