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Weight:110 Height:5' 6" Bust size:32B Body Shape:Pear


Gorgeous t-shirt, exactly like the picture, elegant but also comfy to wear. The material is excellent, even better than expected. The gray part is made of elastic cotton, the front of a lighter, delicate, but not-see through polyester. DON’T iron it, not even on reverse. I made this mistake without reading the washing instructions inside and produced a small hole on it. I'm going to sew it, but I don’t think people will notice, since the print is so large and colorful. For the same reason, I believe they won’t notice the print unfortunately lacks a rhinestone. I, myself, realized this after a long while. Apart from this, the item is simply beautiful. I love the colors, the precious lace on the back and shoulders and the vintage image on the front. One of my best purchases on this site.

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