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Weight:52 Height:5' 1" Bust size:34C Body Shape:Pear


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  • By L*****.

    5 Absolutely AMAZING Pants!!!! (Light Grey,Size Small)

    Okay so at first I ordered them in a sapphire blue but then I had them change it to light grey and that was amazing service by the way. Now I just got the pants today and when I took them out the first thing I noticed was how small they were and I was totally freaking out and I was thinking what if this does not fit me!? So I went ahead and tried them on and oh my gosh were they the best pants I've ever worn in my entire life!! They were so stretchy, comfortable, and very well made, but most of all they fit me perfectly! If I could give them more than 5 stars I definitely would! Will buy again some time in the future! :D

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