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Weight:170 Height:5' 5" Bust size:34A Body Shape:Lean Column


I love this pants... They are very confortable and stylish Everywhere I go, people ask about the pants. I whish they came in other colors, I would buy more.., I ordered XXL and it fits great

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  • By S*****N

    5 chief

    Very fine trouser good for a party going guy like me.

  • By D*****h

    5 pants

    pants fit great i love them will buy more soon

  • By S*****N

    5 CHIEF

    This is really the night clubber's dream wear. Very exciting and rough.

  • By S*****y

    5 pants

    These pants were really small and I got a men's 30 which I can fit but I couldn't get over my butt. Would love to worn them so cute

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