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Photos must be the work of the sender; Sammydress reserves the right to refuse unauthorized work.

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Agreement for Buyer’s Show VIP members

This agreement is between SammyDress and Buyer’s Show VIP members, i.e. registered members of SammyDress website who participate in the Buyer’s Show. From the day the agreement comes into effect, both SammyDress and Buyer’s Show VIP members must obey all associated rules. Buyer’s Show VIP members need to confirm they are willing to respect the rules. Once confirmed, the agreement is considered legally binding and in effect.


SammyDress’s registered members can share their visual style via photography showcasing products purchased from SammyDress. After buying said products, associated pictures are taken and uploaded in the manner and format that SammyDress has specified. SammyDress.Ltd. is fully and legally authorized by the associated Buyer’s Show VIP members to use, copy, reproduce and distribute the uploaded pictures for commercial and marketing purposes.

In return, we will award the relevant Buyer’s Show VIP members a one-off copyright fee for each set/batch of photographs received and subsequently approved by SammyDress. This fee covers use of all photographs received, reviewed and approved by SammyDress.Ltd in each individual set. This photography will accordingly be used to promote our products on the main website and, at the discretion of SammyDress.Ltd, multiple marketing channels, including (but not limited to) social media websites such as Facebook and twitter. The goal of SammyDress is to foster and maintain long cooperative relationships with our VIP Customers.

Rights for Buyer’s Show VIP members

Buyer’s Show VIP members enjoy the right to upload the pictures they personally choose to SammyDress. Each set must include a minimum of 3 (three) photographs to qualify for the approval process. Each photo must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Photos must clearly show and feature SammyDress clothing and/or accessories at a reasonable distance; SammyDress products should not be obstructed or blocked by a camera, smartphone, tablet, or other person.
  2. For photos without models, the camera should ideally be closer to the SammyDress item and fill the frame
  3. Each photo must be in full color, taken in good lighting, with the correct focus (not blurred), at a sufficiently high resolution and not show any missing portions, visual artifacts or flaws.
  4. Each photo must be unique: duplicates from current or other sets will not be accepted.

SammyDress will review and screen each photograph to ensure they comply with standards and requirements.

Subject to our own in-house approval, and provided the pictures are accepted for use, SammyDress will award the VIP member with 20 USD (cash coupon) for the authorized use of the picture set/batch uploaded. This payment of 20 USD will be sent directly to the respective member’s account within 3 working days. In addition, you will get an extra $100 USD (cash coupon) if your style is popular and becomes a hot-sale product.

There is no restriction on the number of individual sets/batches a VIP member can send, provided they meet the minimum requirement of 3 (three) photographs and comply with our standards.

Obligations for Buyer’s Show VIP members

The pictures uploaded by Buyer’s Show VIP members are forbidden to infringe on any and all copyright, Patent, Trademark, Trade secrets, Privacy, Property but also Portrait, Reputation and other legitimate rights of third parties. If one or more violations or infringement instances occur, the respective Buyer’s Show VIP member bears full legal responsibility and all resulting consequences and costs. SammyDress.Ltd is deemed not liable for any such legal responsibility.

If Buyer’s Show VIP members violate the law, regulations or above-reached agreement in any way, SammyDress has the right to terminate the joint agreement, suspend and/or cancel their account, clear points and Sammy wallet balance and so on as punishment.

Other regulations

SammyDress enjoys the right to modify the foregoing terms and conditions, which will only be shown on our website. Modified terms and conditions comes into effect once confirmed. If Buyer’s Show VIP members disagree with revisions, SammyDress will terminate the service. Any actions in continuation with this agreement will be regarded as agreement of the modified terms and conditions.

The right of final interpretation of the above agreement is reserved exclusively by SammyDress.Ltd.

*I understand that, upon approval of my application, I will receive one-off copyright fees of USD 20 per photo set payable to me.This payment from SammyDress covers the full, legal and authorized use of such photography for commercial and marketing purposes.

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