"I have made a couple purchases now from Sammy Dress and they have been very good! Good quality and very cute. The website is very straight forward and easy to use. My friend and I had a lot of fun putting in an order and recieving it. It was like Christmas! I highly recommend ordering off of Sammy Dress."
By Vidkun Knapstad, from Norway
"Yo compre en sammydress.com el 3 de febrero y mi orden llego el 27. Fue una hermosa bolsa de la que quede gratamente sorprendida, la calidad es buenísima y es muy original su diseño, me encanta porque le cabe muchísimo y fue exactamente igual a como aparecía en las fotos! La segunda cosa que pedí fue un reloj que no se quedo atrás su diseño es hermoso y llego en perfectas condiciones. Son muy buenos productos a un precio muy económico, en verdad valen la pena! Tanto que ya acabo de hacer otro pedido y no será el último!!!"
By Tim Schultz, from Spain
"I love love my items.....It was well worth the wait.....I ordered them during the Chinese new year so it took a while..but onece the holiday was over ever thing went smoothly....they responded to all my tickets promptly.... I did read a lot of bad reviews about Sammy dress....I had an awesome experience....and im about to order something today....and I recommend them to everyone I know...."
By Andrew Jordan, from United Kingdom
"I am very thankful for SAMMYDRESS, I ordered several time from this store, what i see is what I get, the prices are so competetive and cheapest comparing to other sites. I am going to order from them everytime I want to shop from the internet, since their site is very neat and clear and easy to order. Sometimes there are "out of stock items" in my order, so I ask the online chat agents to ship me available items first and they help me greatfully. Thank You SAMMYDRESS, Keep it up, me and my friends love you."
By Thomas Quirk, from Australia
"Sammydress.com is a great site for shopping clothes, accessories, fashion jewelry and useful household items. Above all, I like that they write the actual measurements of clothes in their descriptions so that you can be sure the garment will fit well. I find this a huge plus. Extremely low prices, good quality ware and great customer service: I would definitely recommend this site to my friends... and I did."
By Alceo Miranda Ortega, from Spain
"Just received a beautiful dress from this amazing site! Excellent condition, incredibly affordable, and quickly shipped. I am so glad I found this site and will definitely by purchasing...about 20 more dresses within the week."
By Quirico Bianchi, from Italy
"I am so happy I found this site, the products are of great quality, great prices and just like in their description. Great service and customer service. I will keep buying from their site. I really recommend it. Shipping may take a while due to where they are but it is worth it."
By Alexandru Banicai, from Romania
"Excellent website. Lots of products with good value for money prices. Good quality of products also."
By Roman Pelikán, from Czech Republic
"I ordered the eyeliner and I have got to to say the price is worth it. I tried one of the pens in the package and it went very easily on my skin. It took some time for the package to arrive but overall it worth it."
By Rémy Sarrazin, from France
"I love this eshop: it is the low cost paradise! The quality of products is really good and the prices are low. I live in Italy and so to arrive with the Flat Rate Shipping (free) it took about 20 days. I would recommend anyone to buy on this site."
By Kaua Carvalho, from Brazil
"The company offers great products and great customer service, from my own personal experience at least. I LOVED my clutch and hoodie that I received. The warmest hoodie I have ever worn and such wonderful material(does not make you sweaty or anything!)They both are the best quality of items that I have ever received via web, and it came in such a speedy time frame, very much impressed! I cant wait to shot with them again."
By Gustav Winkelaar, from Netherlands
"Ive ordered a Fashion Faux Pearl Embellished Necklace For Women. I love the product, which is beautiful. Ive got many comliments :) perfect necklace :)
By Fletcher Lebel, from France
"I wasn't sure of the quality because it was so cheap so I did a small 1st order. I was very pleased when it arrived. I am in LOVE with my owl necklace and my daughter loved her backpack that she picked as well. We will order again. They have a lot to choose from. Something for everyone."
By Patrick Toft, from Denmark
"The 24 Hour Black Ultimate Elongation Dense Perfect Eyeliner Pencil Kit - Black is the best purchase I made in months. It was affordable, nevertheless it is high quality, the eyeliner keeps it's shape on the eye all day, it doesn't wear out. It's pointy tip offers you the possibility of creating a perfect winged eye, I personally recomand sammydress.com for it's high quality products and reasonable prce."
By Kenneth Fauver, from Canada
"The items I ordered are equal to the pictures and seem to be of good quality, the prices are also very good and I really like that some products are free shipping. I recommend to shop with Sammydress."
By Johnathan Greer, from Ireland
"It is a very good quality service. They have all kind of products, they send you everything carefully packaged and prices are excellent. Im very happy for finding this website, I have bought 3 times with not problem."
By David L. Cooper, from USA
"At first when I saw how low the prices were I didn't think the site was legitimate, but it is! Totally cute, cheap dresses. The only hard part is waiting for them to arrive. If you're looking for high fashion at discount pries Sammy Dress really is the best."
By Aschwin Verdonk, from Netherlands
"I recently purchased a coat and it came in very good quality. Also it came very fast it was supposed to take 8-25 days because its a long way away but it came only in 10 days. I was expecting it to come in around 20 days. Was very happy with the product and it fit me well."
By Medardo Siciliano, from Italy
"i really like all the products that i bought there. when i received my clothes,they were same as looked in the picture,and very good quality too,especially the dresses,oh they are amazing."
By Pedro Rocha, from Brazil
"It is needful to mention that I will not stop the service of them as I did not get any problem from them and at the same time it is notice able to me that in this place I have spent a lot of time also the lot of money for the best service of them."
By Daniel Hardy, from United Kingdom

"I am Jackie. Before I start may I state Sammy has nothing to do with me writing this review. I have spent approximately $500 with Sammy's so far been shopping with them since May of this year. I am very, very, very pleased with level, quality, degree of customer care and effort they place into making your online shopping experience with them from start to finish as stress free as possible. If there is a problem there is no 'legal trickery; no corporate small print you didn't see that nullifies your consumer rights. They have always acknowledged my queries and well within the 24 timeframe they state .

This not just hype people this is a genuine experience and I heaved shopped on line with some really 'sharky' companies from china., but not sammy. My browser would not get me onto the china post webpage I contacted Sammy's explained this and with a few hours they had answered my ticket with information as to exact where my delivery was and when I would get it and bang exactly as they said. I have not had a problem regarding returns they have assisted tried to resolve the one I had on my last order by refunding the cost of the item. My orders never take longer than a few day - if its late - than the specified delivery times they have given.

Most importantly I am impressed with they Pricing, there is another such firm like them who started out with not so reasonable prices, but the goods were unusual so I would make a purchase this other firms prices are now astrological when compared to the same goods on Sammy's- wont say their name but its a well known box and my experience of that firm was so bad I lost money in goods that there trickery return policy was designed to rob.

Sammy's is the exact opposite their prices in some cases are lower than any other firms I have shopped with as I am always looking for good stuff but at bargain prices - sod it ,yes I am scrooge- I hope that they remain the same and continue to value their customers even when they float themselves on the NY stock exchange , because if they continue delivering good service plus value for money as they do now, they will. As long as they not forget about the customers ass that other BX did Well done Sammy's, well done, continue as you are and don't let us -customers- down. As so far I have had only a really good online shopping experience Jackie J."

By Jackie Jones, from United Kingdom
"I received a wonderful coat in the mail a few days ago after getting some of the fastest (DHL) shipping in my entire life. I was actually blown away by the quality of this jacket. It's heavy-weight and lined. I'm not sure if it's 100% wool, but it's definitely one of the nicest coats I've ever worn/owned. The fit is fantastic and the huge hood looks awesome! It's more than I could have asked for, and I will definitely shop here again. :)"
By Ocie Cossette, from Canada
"It's a very good online shop which give me an opportunity to do some shopping and by some beautiful, nice and qualified items. Unfortunately I did not know about the existence of the store before my wedding. If I'd known, I could order different gifts for the guests amazing, high-quality and just interesting. I received an order for a long time ago and I am very happy. I'm preparing a huge order now."
By Frida Kjær, from Denmark
"I love Sammy dress. I have anxiety about shopping for clothes online because I'm a little more gifted in some areas than other people, but the things I ordered off of Sammy dress for me and my friends fit wonderfully, and the service is great. they have lots of stellar fashion and accessories."
By Sara Deventer, from South Africa
"I've ordered several things from SammyDress. So far, they've arrived sooner than anticipated and are all high quality. My recent infatuation is a fawn cell phone charm that I bought for less than three bucks. It's cute and unique and, happily, does not look as cheap as it cost. I've received a lot of compliments on it, too. I'll definitely continue to shop at SammyDress, and I love telling people about all their cute clothes for such a cheap price."
By Mary J. Faulkner, from USA
"He comprado en sammydress.com una blusa, llego en excelente estado, era igual a lo que mostraban, el talle era exactamente lo que detallaban. Estoy muy contenta con mi compra, los recomiendo por su buena atencion, buenos productos y confiabilidad."

"I´ve bought a blouse to sammydress.com. It arrived in excelent conditions. It was the same they show at the web, size was good. I´m very happy for my item. I recomend them because they have good customer service and confiability."

By Rogelia Gaitán, from Mexico
"Sammy Dress is for guys and girls and they have the best style of clothing! Really good prices and not mention, the customer service is great! I recently ordered 2 sweaters and the came with no delay and they look great on me! I definitly recomend Sammy Dress to others! P.S. I realy wanted to keep this place a secret from my freinds so they wont buy the same things but there is alot to choose from so all of my friends come here now."
By Hildegard Lauvrak, from Norway
"Sammydress is the best place I go to get cheap good quality things, I have bought everything from coats shoes and blazers and cant believe the website was there all along. The thing is the items they sell are the cheapest you will find the same items on other websites for more money so its so cost effective to shop there. The thing I love is that |I am from the UK and they ship over to me all my items within 2 weeks my sisters and my friends have now started shopping from them and lastly, they always give good discount codes and you get to talk with a sales representative so you get the assurance and good customer service."
By Jodie Lucas, from United Kingdom
"I am very happy with Sammy Dress, i ordered a few times clothes, shoes and a watch.. the items are very nice and i really love them. I also had contact with the customer service, i think the name was seven? i am not sure anymore, but seven was very nice, friendly and helpful, i cannot ask for a better service. Thank you Sammy Dress."
By Dakota Backhaus, from New Zealand
"sammydress.com is simply AWESOME!!! I have ordered a couple of dresses and accessories from them, all the stuff is up to the mark and at extremely affordable prices...I'm glad that I found sammy, its going to be my future shopping destination for sure."

By Dakota Backhaus, from New Zealand
"sammy dress is my first store i used to order online and from the first time i know that it will be my first and last online store i will be use. I LOVE IT I HOPE YOU TRY IT."
By Rosa Nielsen, from Denmark
"I was surprise with the quality of the products that I ordered. The quality is really good and the prices are better. I really love everything! I choose the cheaper shipping option so my order take like 3 weeks on arrive so maybe you want to spend a little more for a faster shipping. Im very happy with my purchase :)"
By Lorena Sabbatini, from Italy
"I recently purchased a dress from Sammydress.com and I am extremely impressed with quality. The price for such a beautiful dress is absolutely amazing. The dress is more beautiful in person compared to the image on the site. I did have questions for customer service who were prompt and polite with responding. I will order from Sammydress again."
By Corinne Bryan, from USA
"I had a very good experience shopping with Sammydress. My first order consisted of mostly lingerie and underwear sets and of come clothing. I loved all pieces of lingerie I bought. Very much like picture, classy, sexy; very inventive quality lingerie. I love how cheap sammydress clothes are. I will be ordering again, this time, Ill try jewellery and cosmetics. I recommend lingerie and clothes to everyone i have no complains."
By Natalie Eliasson, from Sweden
"I have ordered a few things from Sammydress and I can guarantee I am a satisfied customer. The necklaces and sweaters are absolutely stunning, the owl necklace in particular was my favorite. I've put in a few more orders and one has already shipped out, I am excited for its arrival. I completely recommend this site, it has such a nice variety of products and the Support center is always so friendly when helping you with a problem or answering a question. 10 out of 10 would recommend."
By Zoe Kaeppel, from Australia
"Absolutely fantastic company to deal with, my delivery was far quicker than expected plus the price and quality of my purchases was second to none. I ordered three dresses, all of which I'm extremely pleased with, and have received compliments from. I also ordered a brown belt that complements nearly everything in my wardrobe. Overall a really great site, with a huge range of fantastic products-will definitely buy from again."
By Katherine Dixon, from United Kingdom
"I ordered a dress from Sammy Dress a few weeks ago and I love the dress!! It fits perfect and whenever I wear it out I get lots of comments. The dress is made of nice material and is super soft. It is definitely one of my new favorite dresses. I love the dress and service so much that I plan on ording from them again. Not only do I love my dress but the service is amazing as well. This site is amazing, they have tons of items for cheep , cute items of good quality, and amazing costumer service."
By Jane Carruthers, from Ireland
"Two weeks ago I placed my first order with sammydress.com for two winter/spring coats. I ordered one Fashion Style Solid Color Turndown Collar Side Single-Breasted Long Sleeves Woolen Coat For Men and one Casual Style Stand Collar Chic Clipping Long Sleeves Woolen Black Trench Coat For Men. The order was processed and shipped out in a timely manner (I ordered on a Friday), and received the shipment by the following Wednesday! It was much faster than expected and the items fit great. I get new compliments from friends and strangers each time I wear one of the coats. I love them."
By Barbara Patchell, from USA
"Sammy Dress has stylish clothes and amazing customer service. The products are also affordable for everyone."
By Severine Primeau, from France
"Buenos dias Para confirmar que los productos que compre vinieron en perfecto estado y fueron lo que solicite...Mas q Feliz :)."
By Carisa Guzmán, from Spain
"I found sammy dress by a chance and I've been blown away by their vast collection of clothes, shoes, bags and so on. I've ordered twice since then and I was very satisfied with the goods. Their quality is very good and for very reasonable prices. Even though I haven't received all the things in one package, reaction from sammydress stuff was always quick and they resolved all my problems immediately and to my utmost satisfaction."
By Amanda Church, from USA
"Best shop I found out in the past months. Clothing is so cute and cheap that it is irresistible. My two best friends keep on buying too, great deals, wide variety, definitely my favourite shop nowadays."
By Mariëlle Zoeteman, from Netherlands
"I bought more TIMES FROM THIS SITE. I must say that RESPOND always in a very fast and quick and are always available. The products are all well-made. TOverall I can say that is affordable and reliable."
By Anne-Lise Bertelsen, from Denmark
"I recently received my first package from sammydress.com and it was absolutely fabulous. Everything looked amazing on me and I've only been getting positive feedback from all my friends and family. Even strangers have been coming up to give me compliments. They have anything and everything you could want. From cosy pyjamas to wedding dresses it is absolutely amazing. Definitely one of my top 5 favourite websites. When there was an issue or question I had about the products or anything they were very timely in their responses and I felt like a valuable customer even though it was my first time buying from them. I'm happy to say my second order is on its way (:"
By Jade Krimmer, from Australia
"Very stylish an trendy couture at very low prices. I shop at Sammy dress and will definitely do so in the future and encourage others to shop here as well. as a satisfied customer, I would like to commend them for their international guaranteed satisfaction to me and my family all the way in Trinidad and Tobago of the Caribbean. Thank You and keep up the good work sammydress."
By Samantha Yorke, from Trinidad and Tobago
"I ordered cute earrings and they arrived just in time. They are so cute and just like they were presented. Was nicely packed. Overall I love sammydress, style of clothes they've got - something for everybody. And prices are low. Definitely stay with them to refill my wardrobe."
By Anna Hartfield, from Canada
"Sammydress.com se ha convertido en una de mis tiendas favoritas para comprar. No sólo tienen la ropa y accesorios más lindos, pero los precios no puede ser mejor, yo he pedido muchas veces a partir de este sitio, y sin duda seguirá haciéndolo!"
By Anael Samaniego, from Mexico
"This site is Awesome!!!! I order stuff on this site every month because their products are just great and cheap! And above all, they ship items to my island, Tahiti (French Polynesia)!!! I trust this site because when they are out of stock of something, they find a way to fix it. They inform me by email, then give my money back, or send the item later, as soon as they have it. It's just a wonderful place for shopping! Thank you for existing Sammy Dress!!!!"
By Marania Fareani, from Tahiti
"When i came across Sammy dress i was blown away by the low prices and great style and quality of clothes, I've placed an order with them for about 18 items and all arrived and were very good!...I would recommend this site to my family and friends"
By Jasmine Rogers, from United Kingdom
"I have been pleasantly surprised with all of my purchases from Sammy Dress. All of the items I have received are better quality than I have expected for the price. Occasionally items are not in stock which can lead to a delay in shipping but I have found if you choose items with the "ships in 24 hours" tag on them, you won't have any issues. The service I have received from them has been fantastic and they let me know straight away if an item is not in stock and give me the option to choose something else. Pretty happy with all of my purchases so far.''
By Martha Kilgore, from Ireland
"Sammydress.com has become one of my favorite online stores to shop. Not only do they have the cutest clothes and accessories, but the prices cannot be beat! I have ordered many times from this site and will definitely continue to do so! I love the improvements for the user that they continually update. The newest is collecting S points, which can, in return, be redeemed for dollars off your purchase!! Shipping time does take a while (up to 2 weeks), but it is so worth it! I am so glad I found sammydress! :)"
By Josephine Javier, from USA
"Sammy Dress has an amazing variety of Korean fashion clothing styles for men and women, as well as many other unique commodities. The quality of their products is exceptionally well made and gorgeous. It may take a while for things to arrive but patience is a virtue. I've already ordered several clothing items and accessories from Sammy Dress in the past and have an order already on its way! I will definitely be buying from them again and looking quite chic with their wondrous products."
By Zoe Holland, from United Kingdom
"I recently purchased a dress from Sammydress.com and I am extremely impressed with quality. The price for such a beautiful dress is absolutely amazing. The dress is more beautiful in person compared to the image on the site. I did have questions for customer service who were prompt and polite with responding. I will order from Sammydress again!"
By Rachel Keogh, from New Zealand
"I am a great fan of the Sammydress website. I love it. The products on there are not expensive and they are of great quality. They don't feel cheap at all. Shipping is fair since i live in the US. It took about two weeks for me to get my order and i was very satisfied. Customer service is amazing. If i have a question i can either send them an email or do a live chat and they always reply and are very helpful. I would recommend this site. "
By Jeanette Simard, from USA
"Gostaria de dizer que é um site excelente para compras, os preços são maravilhosos. Amo este site, compro todo mês, entendo que as compras demoram um pouco para chegar pois a distância de onde as mercadorias são confeccionadas e para onde elas vem é bem longe. Por isso só tenho elogios deste site, já adquiri cerca de 30 itens e todos estão de acordo com as imagens e descrições do mesmo. Amooooooo este site!!!

I would say that is a great site to shop , the prices are wonderful . Love this site , I buy every month , understand that shopping take a while to arrive because the distance azs where goods are made and where they come quite far. So I have only praise for this site, already got about 30 items and all are consistent with the images and descriptions of the same. Looooooved this site ! !"
By Ana Cavalcanti, from Brazil
"I just love Sammydress.com!! I have ordered from them a few times and they are now my go to for just about anything I need be it from clothes or shoes for me or things for my home and kids!! theres always something good fresh and new at a good deal and great price! now sure it may take a little longer to come to me but you have to expect that coming from overseas and I dont mind the wait because it feel like Christmas everytime the package has arrived!! Great site, great deals, great service!!"
By Jean Whitman, from USA
"He hecho mi primera compra con Sammy Dress hace poco, me decidí tras leer todas las opiniones de antiguas compradoras. El pedido llegó en menos de dos semanas y los tres colgantes que compré llegaron en perfecto estado, eso sin contar que eran exactamente iguales a los que se veían en la foto. Volveré a comprar seguro.''
By Letícia Cardoso, from Brazil
"It was my first purchase from Sammydress.com and I couldn't be happier. Transaction was quick and hassle free. My items got here fast, I love every single piece I purchased and at such amazing prices! Will definitely be shopping there again!! Recommend it to everyone!! Thanks!!"
By Katrin Hirsch, from Germany
"I ordered a jacket and a dress at sammydress.com, and I loved it. I waited for the items in a reasonable amount of time, and the information on the website about processing time was also very informative. Customer support is also amazing as they respond to the tickets/questions within 24 hours. If you are not in a hurry to receive your order, and if you want fashionable items with a cheap price, I totally recommend Sammydress.com!"
By Rosalida Aadland, from Norway
"I shop a leather jacket punk, its awesome, so pretty, and the price was very low, i liked, the quality its very good and i always ussing my new gorgeous jacket *-* the delivery was very good too. BRASIL: Comprei uma jacketa de couro punk, muito linda, e o preço muito baixo, i gostei, a qualidade é muito boa e sempre estou usando minha minha maravilhosa jacketa *-* a entrega foi muito rápida também."
By Ágatha Cavalcanti Gomes, from Brazil
"I have been ordering from Sammydress.com since 25th April 2012. They have an informative website with all frequent questions answered, but also provide a 'ticketed' question booth for if you have any questions that is not there. I usually use this when i want to know if the items i have ordered are all in stock or are shipped yet (sometimes i use standard shipping). My questions were always efficiently managed and replied within days! :) I find this store reliable and trustworthy. If the items are not available due to inundated orders they will credit the amount, offer you an exchange opportunity, or return your money.

There is nothing bad i can say about this company. The only thing i dont like is the wait.. but Sammydress.com does outline the length you need to wait, depending on which shipping option you've chosen. The clothing are always up to date with fashion and are of good quality fabric. The jewellery is wonderful and like anything you'd find at costume jewellery stores, only cheaper!!! I enjoy shopping on Sammydress.com sooo much, i'm actually waiting for my next order : "
By Melissa Contreras, from USA
"Very good website. There are a lot of different products, which are also very cheap, and the quality may not be even, but thanks to the system of ratings and comments, you can have an idea of how the product actually is. I find it very useful and would like to see it more elsewhere, especially with photos. The low price does not always mean low quality, I have been pleasently surprised by my order, and made another order right after. I have contacted the customer service multiple times and they are very quick to respond, very friendly and will always try to help and ask you what you would prefer, so even if there may be delay sending the order, you can ask and they will answer in the next 24 hours. Overall I'm very pleased to have discovered this website and keep on adding items to my favourites, planning on buying them later. I recommend it to you if you ever hesitate."
By Abbie Mills, from United Kingdom
"I bought more TIMES FROM THIS SITE. I must say that RESPOND always in a very fast and quick and are always available. The products are some well-made, others less so. The sizes are less apt than European ones. Overall I can say that is affordable and reliable."
By Cecilie O. Bertelsen, from Denmark
"I am beyond in love with this site! Great products, great prices and I'm very quickly becoming the envy of my friends. I would recommend it to them, but I like being the fashionista among us and I can't have them knowing my secrets! Definitely worth checking out!"
By Helen Wesley, from Canada
"Cheap prices, the clothes look as they do in pictures, tons of options for clothes & other things. Fits great!"
By Nicole Reynolds, from United Kingdom
"I totally love sammydress, their items are great, the quality in the clothes is really good, their prices are amazing! is really Cheap, i dont have any problems with the shipping, the only thing is a little slow, thats because im from mexico. This site is amazing! im totally in love whith this page !"
By Lorujama Duarte, from Mexico
"They have extremely good clothes, they have unique styles at incredible prices !! they also have a great service for answering questions, they are very fast ! in this website you can find every type of cloth you want ! and they always have what is new in fashion ! i just love it !"
By Ashley Cadman, from New Zealand
"I think sammydress has the better value for the clothes and acessory compared with other sites with same idea. The staffs are very welcoming and they make everything for a safe arrive of your stuffs. They have a little delay to send the products, but they come in you home in very good trim. I buy clothes in Sammydress for more than one year and I never found better site than that!"
By Elisa Toscani, from Italy
"I recently bought a dress for my sister from this site and i most say the service was indeed great. i have to say this because i made a mistake i my order in the address section; and i still received my package not even a day later than promised. My sister was also elated with her summer dress, even i was amazed by it, for the price. So i would recommend SammyDress to anyone who wants cheap, stylish clothing."
By Sinead Hughes, from Ireland
"I bought an Amazing dress from them! Took only 2 weeks to ship to Texas. Fit really well! Great prices! Will definitely order from again!"
By Jacqueline Torres, from USA
"This product is excellent, 100% reliable, has many high quality products eh not had any problems with them, are reliable and good at answering questions and doubts, they always have a variety of high quality products and very convenient, I highly recommend this product to buy products that you're looking for."
By Gioia BLomeli, from Portugal
"i LOOOOOVE this site. even though i've only ordered one time, hahah. i wish i could buy everything that i've favorited!! their items are super cute, and a bonus: CHEAP! but not cheap quality. shipping is a little slow, that's because i standard shipping. i love the item i have so far and will continue to browse the site and make another purchase in the future."
By Keira Browne, from United Kingdom
"Sammydress is just great! Love their selection of clothes and shoes. Everything is here. I actually had a problem with my order and i just contacted them and they fixed it up. It took some time to get my orders but it was worth the wait. I'm really happy that i got to discover this site. Thank you! : "
By Laurene Lamoureux, from Switzerland
"Sammy dress is an excellent site. They make converting the clothes size easy for there coustomers. They have good quality clothing and excellent sales and discounts. I will be shopping there more often."
By Selene Costa, from Italy
"I really enjoyed the clothes and prices Sammy Dress. Site with lots of shopping. Negative point was the time of receipt, but I was not their problem but surveillance of the country with imported first class mail. I recommend."
By Isak Engevold, from Norway
"Sammydress is one of my favorite stores. This is because I can get so much clothes for such an inexpensive price. Their clothes are very unique and since the store is not in my country nobody has my clothes and I get compliments. If the clothes do not fit me or had a problem in shipping, I am fine with it because I sew. If you are someone who likes to try clothes on before buying them then you can shop in their jewelry section because their jewelry always comes just as the picture and in very high quality. Sammydress is the best and I am so glad I found their site!"
By Sofie Mathiasen, from Denmark
"When I first visited the site, I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and variety of products they offered and was quick to order! They did an amazing job getting everything together and mailed to me as quickly as possible and when I opened my package I was more than happy with the products i received! They're clothing is well made and stunning! I was missing several of the items i purchased but i put in a ticket and they're working on it diligently. Very happy with Sammy Dress."
By Julieta Dias Alves, from Brazil
"I'm buying from Sammydress for the third time now and I can only say it's completely worth it. The prices are great and the store is always available to communicate with the costumers. They always send me emails to tell me if an item is out of stock and they ask me how I would like to solve the problem (wait for it to come back in stock, refund or choose another one). I live and Brazil and the packages arrive in my country pretty fast, but due to post office issues, they take a little longer to come to my house. The clothes and shoes I've bought fit me perfectly and their quality is great too. I'll continue to be a costumer of the site."
By Kristin Bach, from Germany

"I love Sammydress.com! They have S points which allow discounts on shipping! Besides their cheap prices, the quality is really and the clothing is unique. A lot of people ask where I get my clothes. I also love the reviews on sammydress because they won't allow reviews unless that customer is a verified buyer for that product so you know what they say is true about their review. I'm glad I found this site! I get all of my clothes there. The customer service is fast when I need a response to my question.

I had a shirt missing from an order but once I told them they replaced it. Also, recently I placed an order but some items had sold out. They are letting me replace those items and apologized! They really do care about their customers and those who say they are ignoring them need to go through the ticket on their account and type in their email or ticket number for the response. It took me a while to find that out too and once I did I felt bad since they replied to quickly and I didn't notice. Thank you Sammydress.com! I will continue to keep buying your products!"
By Adrienne Lajoie, from France
"I just bought a necklace from Sammy Dress and it was very good quality and super cute and at a very good price. i will definitely buy again from there. i also noticed that many of the reviews are complaining about their stuff taking more then two weeks, well mine took about one month. just be patient and remember it has to go through a process to get to you."
By Joël Anker, from Netherlands
"this was my first time ordering from sammydress.com, I was a little unsure when I was ordering but when my package arrived everything was in great shape. all the items I ordered looked exactly like the pictures. I will order from this website again because it has good quality and low prices. the only thing I would say is, expect to wait awhile for your package but it's worth the wait when it arrives! this is one of my new favorite websites! plus the jewelry is awesome! definitely try this website out for yourself you will love the products you get!."
By Melissa Strömberg, from Sweden
"The style of this dress is top standards. Lovely for formals and exciting formal events! So excited to get it! The customer services is top quality! All staff are very friendly."
By Caresse Guédry, from Switzerland
"Sammydress really care about their customers ! Thanks, and the products were amazing too."
By Olivia Abbott, from United Kingdom
"I recently discovered the site sammydress.com and I love it! is the perfect online store. The purchases that I have made I have received in perfect condition and exactly as described on the page. The items are of excellent quality, varied and beautiful. I definitely recommend this site for all the shopping you need. Delivery is fast and secure. Attention and friendliness of the people who work there are the best. I will continue buying on Sammy Dress."
By Sheila Pedraza, from Portugal
"I love SammyDress because of the cheap and beautiful clothes. This site is amazing to make online orders. If you have a question or a problem, they will respond you as soon as they can, so you can feel trust. I have done 4 orders and all of them been great."
By Janice Rael, from South Africa
"I ordered some stuff from this website and I think everyone usually gets worried when ordering clothes from online but this website was just amazing! The clothes were just as shown on the picture and for the price it's a steal .... I would recommend this website to all the girls or just anyone that is looking for good material clothes at very a reasonable price. Great website!!!! Definitely my go to for clothes, shoes, etc."
By Jade Watts, from United Kingdom

"Sammydress.com is a jewel of an online store for any fashionista! If you like shopping at the little cheap boutiques that may be around your house (ex: Fashion Q), this site is definitely for you. All of the items are very low cost, and when you factor in shipping and divide it per item ordered, you still end up paying less than you would've in the local stores.

Of course, every business has some issues (which is understandable)-- since shipping is from China, it CAN take some time to clear customs and whatnot (my order took about a month). My suggestion? If you order something, make sure you do not need it in hand by a certain date! Also, there seems to be times where items ordered end up being out of stock, and you are contacted by message to either choose another item, or apply for a refund. It can be annoying, but if you have this knowledge ahead of time, you know what you are getting into when purchasing from this site.

Personally, the pros outweigh the cons! I have found a lot of fun little pieces on the site that I would've found in the local stores, minus the crowds and marked up prices."
By Alice Haines, from Australia
"Love this site! I've done a couple orders and everything I've recieved has been amazing! Customer service is very prompt. Can't wait to do business with them again."
By Christine Wilson, from USA
"i love sammydress because i have purchased a few items and i'am always happy with it. Delivery is fast and i just love the quality of my clothing and shoes! <3."
By Beatriz Almeida, from Brazil
"I am from the US and I found SammyDress.com on Pinterest. This site is AMAZING and very RELIABLE. They always have really beautiful and reasonably priced jewelry that is on trend! I have ordered from them twice now and I always get compliments on the things I have purchased. SammyDress.com is my secret accessories weapon for trendy inexpensive jewelry! I highly recommend this site."
By Heather Spencer, from USA
"I really like this store! It has a lot of variety of cheap, good quality and different clothes and shoes. Very stylish! Whenever I needed to clarify any doubt, the online service was very attentive."
By Yesica Arévalo, from Spain
"I've ordered a lot of clothing from this website, and I've never been disappointed :) They always respond to my questions, ship in the time specified, and everything arrives as expected and intact. Also, they have great deals."
By Hildunn Engebråten, from Norway
"I've purchased quite a lot items on Sammydress... And the items are exactly as the description shown on the website... And they are of great quality... I absolutely recommend this website to people."
By Jamy Hofmans, from Netherlands
"I love Sammy dress.com because of the quality you get for such low prices. The customer service is excellent, along with the styles and deals you can get! Has been my number 1 online store for over a year now."
By Brunilde Costa, from Austria
"Love the store, awesome products, great service. have recommended them to friends and co workers."
By Ines Reinhard, from Germany
"I just bought from this website four gorgeous statement pieces that came in perfect conditions and high quality that im impressed. The two necklace have nice colors and look as the pictures of the website. The other two pieces were two colorful earings with gems also in good quality and perfect conditions. I really recomend to buy in this website if you want unique pieces for fashion outfits!."
By Taylah Charlton, from Australia
"I love this site! Spend a lot of time browsing through their merchandise! For anyone who loves thrifting, or finding great quality things for a great price, give Sammydress a try."
By Carol Denvir, from Ireland
"I love sammydress for shopping online. The quality is very good and also what I like the most of this website is the new and original designs that I have never found on other shops. The products are exactly like the photos and I've bought clothes, accesories, jewelry, bags, shoes and some other useful items. I highly recommend it if you have an open mind and if you are patient for considering the package are always coming from far away, but they've always arrived perfectly. Also any doubt I've had the support center has always helped me."
By Brenda M. Vinson, from Canada

"I am very happy with my first purchase through Sammydress.com. When I first ordered from Sammydress, I was a bit concerned because I'd never ordered clothing from an overseas seller before, but I found a lot of items I liked on their site, so I decided to take the risk. Before ordering any item, I checked all of the buyers' reviews and selected items that had been reviewed favorably by others, which is what I do when buying from any website.

Overall, I was very pleased with my experience. I made some inquiries to customer service and they answered promptly (considering the time zone difference) and in a very friendly and helpful manner. All of my items arrived well packaged and in good condition with nothing damaged in any fashion. Everything fit me well, although some things fit slightly different than pictured on the website. For the price, I would say the clothing is of decent quality and I have already placed my second order with them. I would definitely recommend this site to friends, and plan to order from them in the future."
By Ruby Dupree, from USA
"I really love to buy from Sammydress they have too many products to sell that I can't choose which one I want to buy first. Prices are awesome and shipping is really fast. Absolutely that I will go back and buy more."
By Maryse Trudeau, from France
"I love shopping in Sammy Dress store because I love the clothes because they are good and cheap. My order always came in brilliant condition. Service and communication is very good, they always reply on e-mail. Only one negative is shipping time, for 3-4 weeks, but I think it is normal if I choose China Post because is the cheapest way. I definitely recommend buying from this online store :)"
By Anita Ryals, from United Kingdom
"I do a lot of shopping at sammydress.com and have found them to be very reliable with prices that can't be beat anywhere on the internet. My favorite item is "120 Vivid Charming Colors Eyeshadow w/Gold Leather Clutch Bag Case Professional Makeup Kit Cosmetic Set". Amazing price for such an amazing product. I have never seen so many bright colors in one eyeshadow kit. This has sooo many gorgeous colors that will last for a couple years at least!!! BY FAR THE BEST EYESHADOW KIT I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!"
By Corey Morton, from USA
"Sammydress is a wonderful website. It's very cheap and affordable. It just takes patience for the package to arrive, after all its being shipped thousand of miles across sea. When i received my package, i was really happy with what i got. The items were exactly like it is shown in the picture. Customer Service was really great and friendly as well. I had a problem with the tracking so i emailed them and they responded in less than 12 hours."
By Jasmine Hughes, from Ireland
"I really like this website: the items are very cheap and surprisingly good in quality. I am also absolutely satisfied with costumer services also. The bag I ordered was identical to what is pictured."
By Sienna Rubinstein, from New Zealand

"Eu já fiz várias compras no Sammydress, esse site nunca me decepcionou. Quando tive duvidas sobre minhas compras eles sempre foram ageis em me ajudar. As encomendas realmente demoram para chegar, mas isso é algo totalmente normal quando você pega Flat Rate Shipping de um país tão longe do seu. Eu recomendo a loja para todos."

"I've completed multiple purchases on Sammydress, this site has never let me down. When I had doubts about my purchases they were always quick to help me. Orders can be really slow to arrive, but this is something totally normal when you choose Flat Rate Shipping from a country so far from yours. I recommend this shop to all."
By Marina Alves, from Brazil

"I started shopping at SammyDress almost 1 year ago. And my experiences as a whole have been positive. At first I was suspicious because everything seemed so inexpensive. Most of clothes I have received are great. I have no complaints with the jewelry or shoes. I still love to shop there and the quality of the clothes is not terrible. You won't find cashmere goods on there, but you get what you pay for, just as you wouldn't find cashmere at forever21. They offer great bargains and several coupons!

Also, they have an astonishing amount of inventory, it seems, just pages and pages of products. If there is a problem, though, YOU have to contact customer service. They usually do not contact me first. But they always respond to my questions/concerns within one or two days and their answers have always been satisfactory."
By Camille van Rumpt, from Netherlands
"Hi,i bought in sammydress a lot of times, accesories and clothes, they always respond my posts when i have a problem with the order, and if some thing arrive broken, they will give you some money for the issue, i really like the page, and i obviously keep buying in the page, I recommend the site, the prices are very cheap. I'm very happy that i can found this site. If you want clothes with good quality and maybe another things like shoes, accesories, bags, etc., this site is for you."
By Natalie Eriksson, from Sweden
"Sammy dress is an excellent website to shop online. Amazing affordable prices and the clothes are to die for, anything you are looking for whether it be shoes, leggings, pants, shirts you can find all the cute styles here. I have been ordering obsessively and the clothes looks just like the picture. I would recommend this to anyone."
By Josephine Marshall, from USA
"Loving it!!! This is my third time ordering from Sammy Dress and I so love their dresses! The latest Elegant Round neck yellow dress I bought was so simple but really elegant looking as in the picture. I wore it during the graduation of my son & everybody loves the dress! Though the fabric is quite semi transparent but still its okay. It says it has no belt, but there's a belt included in the delivery. Want more of this!!! Want more and more of Sammydresss!"
By Anna Wade, from United Kingdom
"Sammydress is a great site to buy dresses of good fabrics and excellent prices.it has always respected shipping times and it has always been available for all.I did two orders that arrived regularly and now I'm waiting for the third.it's a highly recommended site!"
By Kerstin Neumann, from Germany
"I have bought from this site a few times now and am always very happy with what I receive. They have cute outfits and accessories that I can't find in stores in Australia! The quality is great for such a cheap price."
By Mia Cracknell, from Australia
"Well the page is very comfortable, it's too easy for me to do orders, and if I have a question, They answer immediately or as soon as possible, the quality of the products is consistent with the price so I very happy with the page."
By Carolyn Rinaldi, from Canada
"It happened by sheer luck, my introduction to sammy dress and I am so still in awe! this online store is amazing. They have everything that can make your wardrobe go from drab to fabulous! I have ordered several pieces and I am pleased, make that very pleased. Their customer service was on point, always ready and willing to assist with any problems, questions and issues that the buyer has. This is a store to be considered. If you are like me you would share it with your friends. So visit www.sammydress.com and judge for yourself. Your wardrobe will thank you, that is gauranteed!"
By Maria Sharvin, from Ireland
"I was really worried about ordering from here and really sketched out and afraid i had made a mistake. But as it turns out that I didn't The sweater is a SCOOPNECK like the title says. and it came perfectly wrapped in plastic. No threads were hanging off of it and I washed it and it seemed to stay the same size. It is a little bit thinner than I had imagined but I love it so far. I love the elasticity of the bottom and am very happy with the length of the arms as well. I got more than I had expected. I'm happy with my purchase. I even contacted a member of sammydress.com to ask about sizing and S points and they were very quick to respond and very nice!"
By Eliza Pelensky, from New Zealand
"I am very happy with all I have ordered. At the moment I am waiting for a beautiful pair of black sandals to arrive, cannot wait to wear them and show them off to all my friends... Thanks Sammydress."
By Paige Kemp, from United Kingdom

"Opinión de SAMMYDRES.COM: Solo he comprado una vez y estoy a gusto con mi pedido... los precios que ofrecen son bastante buenos y los productos muy variados... bueno, de la calidad en los productos... para ser sincera esperaba un poco más, pero para los precios que dan supongo están bien. Lo que me agrado mucho fue la atención que tuvieron durante el pedido , pues cada vez que mandaba un correo al día siguiente ya me habían respondido y siempre de muy buena manera."

"SAMMYDRES.COM Opinion: I've just bought one and am comfortable with my order ... the prices they offer are pretty good with varied products ... good, quality in products for ... sincerely expected a bit more, but for the prices they are good. what pleased me was the good attention they had during the order, because every time I sent an email they replied the next day always in a very good way."
By Nabila Serrato, from Spain
"I love this website! The price are very low, the quality of the products is good! I've waited a lot of time to get my pack, however I'm always happy when I get the pack. Sammydress have the lowest price ever *.*"
By Jolanda Weiland, from Netherlands
"Sammy Dress is an amazing store! It has wonderful products, and when I have requested one of them, it has arrived very quickly and in very good conditions. I am very satisfied with this store!"
By Josephe Drouin, from France
"Sammy Dress is an amazing store! It has wonderful products, and when I have requested one of them, it has arrived very quickly and in very good conditions. I am very satisfied with this store!"
By Sofie Kjeldsen, from Denmark
"They are pretty thoughtful and helpful. They are always aware of resolving any issue. Until now every purchase has been well done."
By Maya Holman, from New Zealand
"So far from what I have ordered I have gotten good quality items. One piece of earring got damaged in the shipping, which can happens at times to any store. They gave me a discount which was great because i was able to buy the earring again and other items for a good price :)"
By Antoinette Rubio, from Spain
"I received a chiffon shirt a few weeks ago and I am very delighted with it. The quality is really normal, may be buttons should be sewed more tightly, but it isn't a problem. The blue print is bright and beautiful. I will buy more from their website as soon as possible."
By Kayleigh Kirby, from United Kingdom
"I love this site! They have so many wonderful things, the price is amazing, and I love the customer service. They have been fast and efficient with all my orders. The site is enticing, and easy to use. Love it!"
By Simone Ackermann, from Germany
"i think that sammydress is my new favorite absolutely shop,...:) i'm very happy to find this site, and I advise...for all....;)"
By Luiza Ferreira, from Brazil
"Hi to all the people hanging out on the Internet I love the quality and style that sammydress.com have in their store very big selection in clothing good quality and very stylish look. Before buying I suggest that you give this website a little browse through. Very good pricing for good quality and cute stylish clothes. Thanks."
By Isabel Batchelor, from Australia
"All the order I have made arrived in perfect condition and the costumer service is great. I love shopping on Sammy Dress and I will keep doing it for long time."
By Aisling Berkvens, from Netherlands
"I ordered many times on Sammy Dress and every time got an excellent service, I always check what's new and when I want to buy something new always go there to buy because they have amazing products and don't cost a lot. I really love this online store."
By Patrizia Røyset, from Norway
"I have purchased from Sammy Dress. Very Cheap, Fashion Casual Dresses, Evening Dresses, Party Dresses, Plus Size Dresses, Winter Dresses. I will buy again - thank you.
By Betty M. Santiago, from USA
"This is the only seller which is providing such a quality products at very cheap price. I am a regular customer of sammydress and I am very happy with my purchases. Excellent customer service and fast shipping.. Thank you sammydress."
By Shannon Patterson, from Canada
"I find out about SammyDress, a while ago, and was really excited and surprised! I never shopped online, and it was my first experience what so ever, and i must say, it was amazing! From that time, i get almost all of my stuff from there! Great customer service, amazing products and quality is very nice compared to the low prices that they have! The only concern that you may have is shipping price, which is half of the price of the item, and some times even the same time, but... but they have items that are free shipped, and yet, i must admit that it all worth it guys! Love it!!! If you still have doubts, take my word on it! Happy shopping!"
By Annett Pfeiffer, from Germany
"my experience with this company has been amazing!....I love all their clothes and the service with me has been pretty nice. I´m already planning my next purchased."
By Teresa Nekrasova, from Russia
"Very happy with my experience with Sammy Dress, the prices were all reasonable and arrived as seen in the site photos, the shipping time was as expected and when I had an issue with one of the products my email was answered to promptly. Would recommend this site to others."
By Kimberly Hauck, from USA
"Very happy with my shipment. prices are very affordable. Shipping can take some time...but overall I was happy with my products. After my purchase i realized I ordered the wrong size and I sent an email asking if they could exchange it for a larger size and they were very helpful in doing so."
By Elizabeth Gordon, from Ireland
"The prices at sammydress.com are amazingly low and you still get good quality products! There are even numerous products on the website that have the option of free shipping even if you're only spending a small amount, which rarely happens online. I really enjoy this online store and everything it offers!"
By Phoebe Jamison, from New Zealand
"I really like sammydress.com because everything is different to what i'd get on the high street. It takes some time to get to me, but I have never been disappointed! Great that i get S points too. As an english person buying sammydress.com everyone loves what I wear."
By Yasmin Gardner, from United Kingdom
"I love this site! Its so addicting, I could scroll through it for hours! There is just so much to choose from, and it's all so unique!! I've ordered a number of dresses and sweaters and they were not only cheap in price, but very well made. A few thing needed alterations (as they were too big), but still they were good buys! I felt the shipping was prompt too!"
By Geneva G. Avery, from USA
"I made my first purchase with them, it took a month to arrive but my item is so nice and cute! it fits me perfectly, I already made my second order and it was shipped already, I'm so happy I found this site!"
By Pirjo Korhola, from Finland
"I absolutely love this site! They have such nice stuff and it is all so cheap! I ordered a lot of stuff on they're site and i am never disqapointed! Check it out its really worth it! They have a good customer service and respond in 24hours if you have questions unlike other companies!! I really love them and i recommend it to all you fashionistas out there!"
By Gaetane Dastous, from France
"Great store, good quality products at an excellent price, good treatment of the customer care service. To this day I believe continue to buy their products, because I think that is a great value. Shipments are processed and shipped quite fast, come neatly packaged and protected. The sizes or measures conform to reality and the pictures of the models. It is a perfect store to compare bestidos really pretty and confident that the measures are true."
By Kapriel Benavides, from Spain
"i love sammydress. the products are good, the quallity is good and the price? OMG amazing. you almost can buy anything and the shipping costs are most of the time free!!! i've bought shoes, bag, jumpsuites, nail art stuff and juwlery. al fantastic. even if the shipping time is long."
By Jana Krajníková, from Czech Republic
"Love this site. They have wonderful, stylish clothing at very reasonable pricing. Many of the outfits I have ordered from this site were exactly like the pictures on the site and they are made very well. I have ordered many different items from the site from clothing to shoes to makeup and jewelry. All made very well and unique so no worries about someone else walking around with the same thing. There is a little bite of a wait but worth it. I highly recommend this site for anyone that is looking to dress in unique and stylish clothes."
By Marisa Bacchus, from USA

"Sammydress.com is the best, I ever found. Products are:
1. fashionable
2. obviously cheaper
3. to these lower prices optimum qualities.

I like:
1. their payemt methods both online and offline
2. the way how they pack (compact and safety)
3. their shipping services (well known, speedy and reliable)

so no arguments, sammydress.com is my ultimate choice."
By Signe Steffensen, from Denmark
"I highly recommend this site, I am very happy with the products ordered from this website and support is very efficient in doing their best to help if you encounter any problem."
By Hollie Hill, from United Kingdom
"Hi, few weeks ago I place my order. In a short time I have got my clothes. They are beautiful and suit me!!! When I had some question they respond really quickly and briefly. I started selecting clothes for my second order."
By Mavise Tougas, from France
"I love this store. I have been a repeat customer since last year. It usually takes awhile for them to ship my orders but this is understandable as I usually order too many. But once it's in the hands of the courier, it only takes couple days as I usually choose expedited shipping. Sometimes, there were items that were not included in the package but they would email me about it and they would send it right away as soon as it becomes available. So far, I love almost all the items that I got. And a lot of the stuffs that I got had exceeded my expectation. They were very affordable, too."
By Malvina Johnsson, from Sweden
"Sammy dress is a good store and I love my orders. For me, they send me everything that I need though a little late but hey it's coming from China not from your next town. It takes time. Overall, it's a good store with reasonable prices."
By Georgina Fox, from United Kingdom
"Sammy Dress is wonderful. Their products are amazing, and great in quality. I would definitely recommend checking the site out :)"
By Zelda Öberg, from Sweden
"I ordered a dress on 01/03/2013 and they had the shipment tracing number within 3 days. I am still checking it to see the product and arrive it soon. I have purchased from this site before. I am very happy with my purchase and they have a great after sale customer service."
By Alannah Levey, from Australia
"Es una de las mejores paginas en las que he comprado, solo tiene el detalle de que los articulos dicen que se envían en 24 horas pero realmente tardan un poco más. Pero muy a favor tienen los precios (extremadamente bajos), la calidad de las prendas (excelentes) y los diseños (super novedosos). Sin duda seguire comprando con ellos."
By Anelisa Alemán, from Spain
"I order many time with Sammy Dress and each and every time, i got a excellent service, the product don't cost a lot and every time, i can have some coupon code or deals ! I just have ONE time some problem with one of my item, but I've been repaid immediately, I got apologize and everything has been resolved. I really love this online store and i recommend already the store to everyone!"
By Antje Eisenhauer, from Germany
"This site is really Nice and i've been order ing a lot of clothes and jewelry on it . Good quality product and the items i've bought fit perfectly on me especially the blazers which are so nice ...I mean colors, cuts, printings... Shipping took about 1 week before I receive my things. I highly recommand this site keep up the good work"
By Marina Gomes, from Brazil
"This site is a real shopping paradise! You can find almost anything you need in great variety and high quality. Every time I open a package sent by this shop I am absolutely happy. The clothes fit perfectly and you can choose your style among the numerous suggestions. The only favour I would like to ask is, if possible, to reduce a little the shpping cost for some items. Moreover, I'd like to note that Sammy dress has established a highly functional and effective customer support system. Once you encounter a problem, the only thing you have to do is submit a ticket and then everything is worked out for you in the best possible way. Also their S point system is great, as you can save too much. I have already recommended the site to friends."
By Cerys Armstrong, from United Kingdom
"I am absolutely happy and satisfied with sammy dress products and customer services. Just love the products and its one of my best online stores."
By Nicolette Godin, from France
"I love sammy dress, Good quality and fast responses to my questions. The products are good and cheap. I bought clothes, jewelry, bags, and I've never had any problems, even if the waiting times are long."
By Bebhinn McDermott, from Ireland
"Order delivered to me for 1 month. Clothing and accessories are of good quality. I have a problem with the order, but store managers quickly solved my problem.They sent me one pen instead of 5 pens. The money was returned quickly. I will buy again!! Thank you SammyDress!"
By Narin Bergström, from Norway
"Most of their items are of good quality. I especially love their accessories, very nice, free shipping and they reply fast to queries sent."
By Annette van Eldijk, from Netherlands
"I have purchased from Sammy Dress and I haven't been disappointed. So far everything i've ordered has been identical to what is pictured. I've ordered at least three times with Sammy Dress and im loving it! Very cheap and affordable prices. I love that they have soooo many styles and trends to choose from, makes standing out easier. My only main concern is how shipping, shipping does take a while even if it is paid shipping, but in the end worth it."
By Katherine Racette, from USA
"I've placed and received one order, and have another order coming. So far I have been very impressed with the quality of the clothing and jewelry. Everything I've worn thus far has been eye catching to others, and at a cost that can't be beat. I'm so pleased with the products that I'm in the process of filling a 3rd shopping cart prior to my second shipment arriving!!!"
By Shela Dalton, from Canada
"The bag is like in the pictures, very pretty. Can`t wait to go out with it. Quality product :)
By Valentina Pinto, from Italy

"When I first found Sammydress, I was blown away by the pricing and the quality of items, at first i thought it was a fictitious website but i was still eager to try and so i did. As suggested by their pictures, its a site not to leave alone and a site to want all of it. Any first time viewer will say to themselves as i did no way these items could be for real for such a good price! Happily, I picked out a few things (Seriously everything worth the price for my pocket on Sammydress). The shipping and handling charges were not steep but from the location to my destination its worth it all,reasonable since they're coming from China to the USA. NOTHING I SAY NOTHING would prevent me from ordering from them again, that's for sure. Dont get me wrong there was a few hiccups but Customer service representatives was always there to answer all my quesions on time. I received my items on a time expected before the day i want them for. If you want specific items for a big day/event, be sure to plan ahead.

Then came the big reveal! Of all the items I received, in terms of quality, appearance, fit, and the resemblance of the online look out products, every item would receive a big thumbs up. Nothing was damaged, well secured for the protection of their client's product. Thanks for that sammydress. The quality of the manufacturing/stitching was much better than I had even anticipated, and quality takes it all for fabric. Definitely material you can wash and wear again, and not have to worry about the whole thing falling apart on you after a period of time. Sammydress came from no where to somewhere for me my experience has been pleasantly surprising and on target, and I plan on continuing to order from them in the future. Recommending persons are my targeting goal for sammydress,and to make sure tell all users to take and use the measurements provided for items and also to read the description thoroughly in ensuring they get exactly what they need!"
By Iola Montalvo, from USA
"Site confiável,com produtos de qualidade e preços ótimos! Super recomendo, aprovado.''
By Rafaela Araujo, from Brazil

"They have so much on their site and everything is so fashionable. Majority of their clothing is a "one size" so for people who are not a medium, clothing can be limited. However I always find cute shirts and dresses that run bigger and fit. The jewelry is addicting. I always find earrings for a couple of dollars that range between $10-$12 in stores.

The processing time and the shipping time can definitely be frustrating because they can take a while but it is coming from China. Also the shipping cost is very high but when you add it to the cost of the clothing it still is much cheaper than if you were to buy from the US. The quality overall is pretty high, I have only had a minor problem with a shirt. Their customer service is great. They always respond promptly whenever I have a question. Overall the website is definitely worth shopping through.''
By Michelle Snow, from United States
"I Love Sammydress.com. Great Customer Service and Cute Clothes! It does take a long time for your shipment to come, mine was aprox. 3 weeks and as I got a little worried I sent an email and the company reassured me it does take awhile. I had ordered three items and one was not in stock at the time and they gave me two options which was nice, one option was to wait and the other was to offer my money back. I took the second option and everything went fine. I received the clothes and tried them on and they fit perfectly! I was very satisfied with this company and will definitely order from there again.''
By Courtney Webster, from United Kingdom
"Wow! this site has the best collection of dresses! You should check it out for lowest costs but highest quality... it has become my favorite online store...''
By Dawn Reid, from Ireland
"Good quality and fast responses to my questions. Will definitely buy again.''
By Helena Danielsen, from Denmark
"I´m really pleased with sammydress.com! Their prices are so cheap, I liked everything i bought for them, everything looks the same as their pictures! Materials are great and comfy!I Will buy from them again!"
By Angela Bergamaschi, from Italy

"Sammydress.com has become one of my favourite online shops since June of this year, when I made my first order. It took about three weeks for the package to arrive (in The Netherlands), but I didn't mind because I used a flat rate shipping method. I'll admit it, I was anxious of the quality of the goods and if the package would even make it to my house even with the tracking number and extra insurance. When it arrived I was soo happy that they were in great shape. So far, I have made six purchases, five using flat rate shipping and one by DHL, and I haven't been dissatisfied yet. What I really love are their jewellery and clothes. They are very unique and come with an affordable price you say "YEA IMA BUY DIS" to and a lot of them offer free shipping.

If you're still a bit reluctant to buy anything from this webshop, I would say: Try the jewellery section - free shipping first. That certainly made me love Sammydress in the first place.

VERY important to know: Be careful if you want to make a purchase in the clothes section, because their sizes are generally smaller. Look at the measurements in the product info so you won't get an unpleasant surprise.''
By Eilish Oldenhuis, from Netherlands
"Ropa y zapatos super económicos y sobre todo excelente atención pre y pos venta.''
By Hersilia Nava, from Spain
"i don't care what anyone says i love sammydress! their accessories are just amazing and their makeup and i like how they have stuff on their website that you would not see in america :) and they have these things call s points and you can add them to your order to subtract money :) i give sammydress a 5 star :)
By Reba Goetsch, from USA
"Sammy Dress is one best kept secret. I am in love with Sammy Dress. This website is great! The prices are affordable. The quality is excellent and the shipment is spot on if you elect for expedited shipping. I have placed 2 orders thus far with Sammy Dress and I have not been disappointed. So I recommend anyone to try this website out."
By Maddison Mayo, from Australia
"The prices on sammydress are great!!! i have a trouble whit one dress because is out off stock but im going to change the item. Once the package was with dhl take just 4 days to get here (mexico city)"
By Belisa Arellanon, from Mexico
"First time I order in Sammy and I'm very happy with all the things I buy. I totaly recommend it, but it's very important to be careful with the sizes, they are smaller than sizes on other countryes like USA or UK. Check the table with the measures before purchase something.''
By Isabella Lucas, from United Kingdom

"J'ai tenu a écrire une revue sur Sammy Dress car je venais de recevoir mon colis que j'ai commandé sur leur site, et franchement, j'en suis absolument ravie !

Aucune arnaque, les vêtements sont exactement les mêmes que sur les photos, la matière de la majorité des vêtements (car je n'ai acheté que 3 vêtements - et un accessoire -) est bien, douce et confortable ce qui me fait encore plus aimer Sammy Dress. J'ai reçu des tonnes de compliments sur les vêtements que j'ai commandé. En plus, leur service est excellent, je ne remercierais jamais assez les Administratrices qui m'ont répondu très gentiment à toutes mes questions.

Bon, bien-sûr, j'ai du attendre longtemps pour que je puisse recevoir mon colis, mais c'est tout à fait compréhensible : Je vie au Maroc et eux en Chine. En plus, je pense que sa vaut la peine d'attendre pour avoir de si jolies vêtements (même si je suis très impatiente!).

Bref, je pense que vous l'ayez compris, Sammy Dress est devenu l'un de mes nombreux sites préférées, et je n'hésiterais pas une seconde de commander une seconde fois (et une troisième, quatrième...).''
By Delit Bossé, from Morocco
"Realice mi pedido desde Argentina, llego todo en muy buenas condiciones y tal cual como son en la foto! Pedí un vestido que me queda muy lindo, es linda tela y muy buen precio!"
By Alexia Duarte, from Argentina
"I absolutely LOVE Sammy Dress! I stumbled on the site completely by accident and was amazed at all the of adorable clothes at such low prices! I have a million favorites saved and I'm really excited to order more stuff. The only slight I can give is that shipping took a while, but I expected that so I wasn't bothered by it. All in all, Sammy Dress is a really great place to get cute clothes at awesome prices!"
By Narin Bergström, from Sweden
"This Website is one of my favorites! it has Everything! and alot of the stuff is affordable which to anyone is great. The stuff is good quality and they ship fairy quickly. I go there at least once a week to check out their new stuff or even to see stuff I havent seen yet and may wanna buy. I am a shoe addict so this feeds my addiction to a T!"
By Abbey Cuthbertson, from New Zealand
"I like their watches, elegant, smart and good quality. They got many free shipping products with a very reasonable price.''
By Ute Eisenberg, from Germany
"The prices are extremely low, and shipping is pretty fast considering I live in Canada. I've never had any issues with any of their products and all products are high quality. I love how many products they have on their website to choose from. I can order anything from kitchen stuff, to clothes, jewelry, bathroom stuff, as well as stuff for my pets! I'd 100% vouch for this website, and I'm glad I found it :)"
By Pauline Stinson, from Canada
"Hi, was fortunate enough to stumble across Sammydress and now has become my first and only shopping destination. I recently purchased three awesome watches which I received ever so quickly. The quality and styles where exactly what was shown and described on the easy to use website. The prices are awesome. I also purchased jeans, shirts and a jumper and found that the sizing details/conversions were accurate compared to other shopping sites. Being from Australia I have every intention to pass on the details and make allot of my friends aware of this awesome shopping site sammydress.com"
By Sarah Bond, from Australia
"I have ordered a few different kinds of clothing from Sammydress.com, both casual and semi-formal, and have loved it. I didn't know what to expect because the prices are so low, but the clothes exceeded expectations. I have referred several friends to the site and will continue to do so. I can't wait for my next order to come in. Shipping takes longer than expected but the clothes are worth the wait."
By Georgia Law, from United Kingdom
"I'm a really huge fan of wearing sunglasses and was really glad with the pair I bought at this online store for they were made of a very sturdy material, the lenses are very dark tinted and they look really stylish, plus they don't look cheap at all actually it was very good value for my money. They were properly packaged and were delivered as promised."
By Jasmine Rose, from United Kingdom
"My most recent order was a gorgeous Boat Neck Dress from Sammydress. I am very happy with this dress. It's a different material than I had pictured in my mind, and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. It's a heavy material and will be very warm, perfect for fall and winter. I'm 5' 7" and ordered the medium, I probably could have gone with the small but I was worried about the length of the sleeves and length of the dress in general. The dress is perfect!! The boat neck collar is very flattering, and the entire dress flows with a certain grace and sophistication."
By Lynn N. Garcia, from USA
"Started doing business with Sammy Dress about 3 weeks ago and I am very satisfied. They have an excellent team of customer service who responds promptly to all inquiries. The items I purchased are also all lovely and affordable. I got no problem with the delivery time even if I am in the Philippines. Everything I bought from them represents well the taste of perfection. I highly recommend doing business with them. Two thumbs up for a job well done Sammy Dress! Me = a happy customer! :)"
By Imelda Clavería, from Philippines
"I got an item with free shipping so it was a very good deal. The quality of the necklace is very nice although I think it's better if the strands are longer so that there is no need to use the lock. Other than these, I love it! The pictures are a bit misleading because it looks like yellow gold.. But when I read the reviews about this item, I learned that it is antique gold. The reviews were helpful. Look for items with free shipping because I find the shipping costs can sometimes be expensive.
By Samantha Hughes, from Ireland
"Great shopping site! I live in Brazil and I needed to communicate with the technical support and got a very nice response. Quick, accurate and affectionate. I have no complaints to the site. Keep it going."
By Emilly Cardoso, from Brazil
"I used for a long time, buy from Tijuana, Mexico and have always done very well! They are realistic with the products, the pictures do not make you want something more than what you offer, so to have the product does not disappoint. You always answer with time and speed, are very friendly and will solve any questions you may have. I recommend it a lot! The products are good, good quality, super economical and also have a huge variety! Shipping is very fast .... I highly recommend it!"
By Salma Velez, from Mexico
"I bought Sammy Dress Clean Face Sponge. They came compressed and when I put them in water they get bigger and softer. They were great, high quality and soft. I work as a makeup artist so I use them a lot. They do not break apart as other sponges do! I love them!"
By Mariette Fugère, from France
"I am very satisfied with this website the clothes came exactly like the online pictures. It is very affordable and good quality. The fit was perfect and it came in expected time I highly recommended."
By Lea Holtzmann, from Germany
"Sammy Dress is so awesome! I love this website, super cute items, for a WONDERFUL price. And they're great quality! Sammy Dress is the best!"
By Alfonsa Arcuri, from Italy
"I bought off of sammydress for the first time, I didn't receive everything I ordered because they were shipped separately. It was a month exactly that my first order got here and everything I ordered was exactly like the pictures. Everything fit perfectly and good quality for the prices. I'm happy with what I've received and would probably buy again."
By Amber Nothling, from Australia
"Sammydress.com is a great place for wholesalers and anyone who wants to buy great products for low prices. They have beautiful clothes, shoes, jewelry so much variety. I am a satisfied customer. I recommend anyone to buy here."
By Ellie Andersson, from Sweden
"I order from www.sammydress.com amd I had an WONDERFUL experience! Yes, their communication is kinda poor but they get back with you very fast. Be patient when talking to them because they are working as fast as possblie to get the order to you. I would shop there again for now on. Thank you Sammydress!! "
By Penny K. Graham, from USA
"Sammy Dress sense of style is amazing, the material is of great quality and prices are fabulous, also having personalize customer service is an added bonus. I love shopping with Sammy Dress"
By Pernille Christiansen, from Denmark
"I have already ordered here 3 times and was never disappointed.The first order took quite some time but i used a flat rate shipping method which is quite slow, but for my second order i used DHL and i got it in 2 days. was happy with my order. During the transaction i happened to sent them an email which they responded within 24 hours. Am happy with the company. i think everyone has his own luck."
By Aurora Flikweert, from Netherlands
By Isolina Cisneros, from Spain
"I am very impressed with this website. I live in South Africa and saw the adverts on the internet so I thought I would try it out. I am very happy that I did. I love their jewellery and it is very good quality. I get so many compliments when ever I wear their necklaces because they are so unique. If I have a problem and email them then they answer very quickly and I am happy with this. It is very good customer service. Their products have such a wide variety that I never get bored when browsing through the website, they cater for every type of person and taste imaginable. Overall I give the company 5 stars and I will definitely keep buying there in the future!"
By Jacoline Pieterse, from South Africa
"Been buying from sammydress for a while now. planning on doing it for a long time more. prices are cheap and customer service is excellent. I live overseas so this is very important to me when buying online. love sammydress. highly recommended"
By Summer Gough, from Spain
"I have ordered 4 dresses . they were beautiful lightweight and flowy .. I feel great when ever i wear them .. the quality of the stuff was also good , it convinced me to order more things ."
By Imogen Hankinson, from Australia
"I absolutely love Sammy Dress! They have a style that speaks to me and encompasses all the things that I love (i.e. color, patterns, unusual hair accessories, and some banging blazers. Although I have not purchased any apparel as of yet, I have purchased some hair accessories in the form of mini hats which I really, really enjoy. They compliment my ensemble, my style, and I get a ton of compliments. I have also purchased some beautiful jewelry. I am not afraid to express my style through what I wear each day...Sammy dress allows me the opportunity to go outside the box with what the unique and awesome pieces they offer. I am patient and understand they are not based in the U.S., thus shipping time varies (it's worth the wait). If ever I have a question and/or concern they oblige me with a 24-hour turnaround time and with a very clear response. I love Sammy Dress!"
By Dale D. Jones, from USA
"Sammydress was the first online store that I've ever used and so far it's been my favorite site to use. They have clothes that are very stylish and unique, some of which could not be found of in any retail store in the US."
By Hanna Riipinen, from Finland
"Sammy dress is brilliant. I brought 2 dresses off this website. The quality is excellent & exactly the same as the picture, unlike a lot of other online clothing sites. I have been in contact with them as I want to buy more from them and the customer service I have received is like no other, quick, fast & helpful replies. 5 star all around. "
By Charmaine Hood, from Canada
"I have made two purchase worth $600 from sammydress and they never disappointed. the delivery is on time and the dresses are as the pictures. Good price for great quality clothes and great customer service."
By Bessie G. Craft, from USA
"I have ordered from Sammy Dress several times and am hooked! My original purchase was a dress for the musical, Legally Blonde. I found the perfect one while searching online. Since then I have not only purchased many more costumes but I order for myself, my daughters and others. They have an enormous amount of stock to choose from so I always find merchandise I want. This year, I have already purchased Christmas gifts. Delivery does take several weeks so order early and enjoy!!"
By Evie Humphreys, from United Kingdom
"I was so excited when I found this website. If had great clothes at great prices who wouldn't love that? But at first I was a little reluctant to buy anything an I spent a while reading any reviews I could on the website before deciding I'd order anything. But I'm so glad I did! Everything I ordered fit perfectly and looked just like the picture and I couldn't be happier with my purchase! although two things I ordered ended up being out of stock but they are giving me a refund on them. If you do order from then check the sizes because they do run small so make sure you measure yourself so you know if everything will fit. But I would definitely order from them again! "
By Elizabeth McAndrews, from Ireland

"A few months ago I was browsing the web for winter accessories. I came across Sammy's website. At first I was a bit unsure but I started looking through everything and just fell in love. I have ordered a ton of scarves from there and I must say they are one of a kind. I receive all types of compliments from people in the street, Your scarf is so pretty, where'd you get it?

Not only do I love the variety but the quality is also good. Yes it took a bit to ship but totally worth it. I will definitely be stocking up on new goods real soon! Basically, if you like nice things, good quality and rare to find at a very inexpensive price... this is the place for you!"
By Hannah Shaw, from United Kingdom
"I purchased the most awesome wigs from sammydress.com. They are ridiculously awesome. I get the most compliments on them. Seriously, no one ever believes me when I tell them that its not my real hair. They are perfect for my photo shoots and going out. I wear them all of the time. I have been more than pleased with these wigs and plan on buying many more!"
By Amanda Barnette, from USA
"Very pleased with by this store! Buy here often. Large selection of different products, a lot of firsts! Products - high quality at an affordable price. A flexible system of discounts. Free delivery, parcels are packed carefully. Service polite and operational support, it's very nice! Thank SAMMYdress for quality of service! I will buy here again! Recommend to all!"
By Jodie West, from United Kingdom
"I can honestly say I really love ordering from sammy they're so co operative also theyre things are so high quality and yet so cheap its amazing. i never found such nice jewelery shoes and clothing for these kinds of prices, pieces of jewelery for as low as 1$ really WOW. and shoes for as low as 5$. I would definetly give this shop a 5/5 rating :)"
By Nicole Gomes Correia, from Brazil
"This is my first order from sammydress.com and i believe the things i ordered for will be as good as they look. I have communicated with thier customer service and the response i got was excellent.....Looking forward to buying from them again."
By Camilla Giordano, from Italy
"Very cute clothing and very good prices, what more could I ask for? Their shipping is rather costly since it depends on the items in the cart, but considering the low prices of their clothes I don't blame though. I've made multiple orders with Sammydress before and I have yet to be dissatisfied. Their customer service is rather good as well, they take their word when they day they respond within 24 hours. I'm going to continue shopping at their store!"
By Mavis R. Brown, from USA

"I've dealt with Sammydress twice over the course of a year. The first time I had received a free gift from participating on their daily 'wheel of fortune.' Thanks to my lucky streak, I was able to win five mustached necklaces. At first, I was quite reluctant to trust this site, but since it was a free gift, I decided "What the heck, let's do it." And I'm glad I did. A little over two weeks after, I received my package in time and in good condition. I got five mustache necklaces, for free too! I still use mine, nowadays.

Since it worked so well the first time, I decided to actually buy something from them. Take the risk a bit further. And why not? Their clothes are unique, pretty and not to mention affordable. I ordered my fair share of clothes and used the points I had saved up as a little coupon and sat back, waiting for the package. Expecting the worst. But nope! My orders came all intact, good quality, and the same as the picture. The colors might have been a bit off. But not dramatically off. I attracted so much attention with my new clothes. I was content.

Even when they were out of stock on a certain item that I wanted, they responded fast and gave me a full refund. Not to mention a small coupon for my next purchase.

HOWEVER,the only problem, which I feel entitled to point out, is the fact that their sizes run far too small. You need to be EXTREMELY careful when buying such things as swimsuits and pants, because trust me, if you order a medium, you'll end up with a small. Or even an extra small. Other than the fact that their sizes run small, I think my experience with them went well. I got what I ordered and at a reasonable prize."
By Denise Rafferty, from Ireland
"I was so excited when I first found SammyDress.com. They have the cutest styles, in my size at a very affordable price. I bought a white lace dress and I was so pleased when I received it. Not only does it arrive fast but it's perfect. I wore it out to Penrod art fair and received so many compliments! I am so glad I got it. I will be shopping there often. "
By Jeanette Rush, from USA
"I was so happy to purchase from sammydress.com because there was a wide selection of beautiful jewelry and clothes. As I received the package I was thrilled and so happy to have purchased from this website. Great service, amazing product at a reasonable price! A+!"
By Mette Kruse, from Denmark
"SammyDress has fantastic products at great prices, it's probably the best online shopping website I've ever visited! I highly reccomend it! "
By Tabita Pelgrim, from Netherlands
"I ordered these shoes in my size, which is 7 (size 38 on Sammy Dress) but the front of the shoes are holding my toes a little too tight. The shoes are very attractive and I really love them. "
By Emmanuelle Mailly, from France

"Soy de Ecuador y realice mi compra y llego hace unos dias, todo llego como debia, buena calidad y llego a mi propia casa, recomiendo comprar, si son personas serias."

"I'm from Ecuador and make my purchase and arrived a few days ago, everything arrived as it should, good quality and came to my own house, I recommend buying, they are serious people"

By Centola Mota, from Spain
"I have placed an order on Sammydress a couple of times and have to admit that I am really satisfied with their services and the products I received. The shipping time was by far logical and totally worth it. The jewellery I ordered look so nice and exactly as described. Everything looks so much more expensive than their prices. However, in am issue that came up during an order,I contacted the customer services through a ticket and have to say that they were really helpful. I got an answer between 24 hours and managed to solve the issue. I am already waiting for my next order :)"
By Abbie Collins, from United Kingdom
"I bought "Casual Women's Spring Flat Shoes With Vintage Style PU Leather Lace-Up Design(https://www.sammydress.com/product513811.html). They run a bit small. I´m usually size 38 but ordered size 39 and they fit just fine. The quality is very good considering the price. They look really cute. The delivery took about a month, as they said."
By Ashley Wheeler, from Australia
"Sammydress has been my favorite place to buy clothes, bags and acessories. I bought some things with them and found them to be really high quality products. My tip for buying clothes there is always measure yourself and compare to the sizes they put on a chart and look for reviews of other customers! Thanks Sammydress!"
By Katrin Ebersbacher, from Germany
"I have ordered many items from sammydress.com as a consumer and as a wholesaler. I have to say I am very satisfied with the products I have bought and have shipped. For the price I paid it is great quality items and I will keep coming back for more."
By Gina Granados from USA
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