How to use Gift Card? Gift Card is redeemable for items, having a period of validity. You can use it as cash. And the gift card is different from
the coupon code. Please use our gift card following the instruction.

1.Detailed Explanation of the Gift Card *

A. Gift card covers both the product and shipping. Please ensure that your total is equal to or less than the
card value.
B. The card value is not changeable. As we are not able to combine different forms of payment, you can't
pay the difference in other ways if the order total is more than the card value.
C. The products must not be all of jewelry when you're placing an order by the gift card as we cannot
process orders that are solely jewelry.
D. Pay attention to the valid date of the gift card.
E. If you are unsure if your order is completed, please contact us here: Subject: Gift Card(iTry).

2.How to place your order by Gift Card?

For our iTry Blogger Program members:
Please remember that choosing items shipped within 24 hours can ensure you receive the order as quickly
as possible. We suggest you choosing items that you think your subscribers will love. The more successful
your review is, the better chance we have to establish a long-term relationship.

How to find products that ship in 24 hours?

A.Search for the item(s) by
navigating manually through
the main categories
B.Click the icon to view deals
that offer shipping within
24 hours

How to Place an order?

Notes: Please pay special attention from Section D to Section F. These sections are very important.
A.Choose the item you like to your shopping cart. If there is no problem, click "CHECK OUT" to continue.
B.Sign in Or Register. If you've logged in, please go directly to the next step.
C.Fill in your Shipping Address.
D.For the shipping method, please choose the Flat Rate Shipping option plus the Track Shipping option. Do NOT select shipping insurance.
E.Choose the Sammydress Gift Card to pay your order.
F.Under the 'Order Review' box, please type in 'iTry' and then press the 'Place your order' button.


1.Login your account and click ' ' button that on each product's page to leave review(s).
2.Submit the link of your blog review.
Thank you for your participation and we hope to continue our collaboration in the future.
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